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  1. Package A - includes the 203k Specialist™ designation course
  2. Package B - includes both the 203k Specialist™ and Residential Construction Certified™ (RCC) designation courses. We highly encourage you to enjoy the benefits of the RCC course, which covers materials, methods and details of residential construction, to enhance your professionalism and success.

Both packages include access to the REbuildUSA Membership Center offering resources designed to help you develop and grow your 203k business including press releases, logos, sample yard signs, organizational forms, checklists, and more. 

SPECIAL OFFER!  - Use coupon code RBU249 to SAVE $50 on Package A or use coupon code RBURCC399 to SAVE $200 on Package B

  Note: The 203k Specialist designation program is a five-hour, online, self-paced course. If you choose "Package B",  your RCC interactive CD-ROM and workbook course materials will be shipped separately.

Real Estate Membership Package A
includes the 203k Specialist™ designation course and access to the REbuildUSA Membership Center upon course completion. SPECIAL OFFER - Use Coupon Code RBU249 at checkout to SAVE $50 on Package A!
Price: $299.00
Real Estate Membership Package B
includes both the 203k Specialist™ and Residential Construction Certified™ (RCC) designation courses as well as access to the REbuildUSA Membership Center upon completion. SPECIAL OFFER - Use Code RBURCC399 at checkout to SAVE $200 on Package B!
Price: $599.00
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"I signed up for your 203K Training two days ago as I saw it as a perfect fit to my extensive construction/rehabbing background and the benefit of being able to market short sales and fixer-uppers with a ready-made solution for potential buyers.


Typically I am bored with most designation training sessions as so much of the information is a repeat of what I already know.  However the 203K Specialist training was a real eye opener.  I was so interested that I sat down and completed the entire program in one setting!  My mind was racing with practical marketing ideas and potential applications for both home buyers and sellers.

Now my mission is to put together the first 203K “Team” in our area and create a niche that’s a win/win for everyone. What a great program and concept!  I am truly impressed and can’t wait to see how the full roll-out of the program unfolds in 2010."

 - Ginger Fawcett
RE/MAX Suburban
Kirkwood, MO

"Absolutely Great course. I'll be referring to this during my future homebuying deals..Dennis, you are a super instructor and make all this information very interesting. I've been in business for 20 years and am just now beginning this process of "rehab" homes and trying to change with the market - thanks to you!"
- Christine Sturgil
Huff Realty
Ft. Mitchell, KY
“This course has been the MOST informative, exciting, and completely detailed course I've ever taken. I could hardly wait to get back to finish the course and I am planning to do it again, it was that good. Teresa, thank you and Dennis SO VERY MUCH! The time and experience that went into preparing this for all of us was OUTSTANDING!!!!"
- Anne Nail Bowen
Prudential Lifestyle Realty
Asheville, NC
“I absolutely loved this program! … it was presented in a fabulously professional format. It was a great way to learn … I felt I was in class right in my own office. Needless to say, Dennis is a great teacher! The course was well worth the money spent.”
- Beth Colaizy
ReMax on the River
Osceola, WI
“Dennis’ course has given me invaluable information that I will use repeatedly; I will refer back to for reference as well as using forms, etc. They are excellent tools! Thank you Dennis! It was well worth the investment!”
- Donna Musolino
Coldwell Banker Currier & Lazier
Warwick, NY